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Motivational interviewing conversation between two people

Health Management

Support patients in making healthy decisions in their daily lives.

Patient-centered decision making isn't a feature--it’s an essential part of your work. It's also a proven way to help patients commit to sustainably healthy decisions, and to set realistic expectations and reduce burnout in your team.


Motivational Interviewing is a powerful skill set proven to help patients make healthier choices in their everyday lives. By using a collaborative and person-centered skills on conversation, Motivational Interviewing helps you identify and understand patients' intrinsic motivations and aspirations

It takes more than a change in attitude to get there. Teams like yours need training in the tools and skills that Motivational Interviewing provides, as well as the confidence to use these in real time. Our training and coaching focus on how to apply these skills to translate patient-centered thinking into patient-centered results.

Patient making a list to aid in day-to-day health management

Recent projects

Our work

Conversations on Vaccination

Working with long-term care facilities to improve conversations about vaccination with staff, residents, and residents’ loved ones.

Accessible Health Information

Driving community-level improvement in recent immigrants' access to health information through local partnerships.

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