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Patient Adherence

Identify incentives and obstacles to patient follow through on clinical guidance.

Everyone struggles with following through on their commitments at times. Patients are no different. Motivational Interviewing helps teams like yours move beyond the harmful ideas of noncompliance, difficult patients, and no shows and embrace a sustainable approach to managing patient adherence.

Motivational Interviewing training allows teams to dig deeper and understand what drives patients' decisions. Through a balance of reflection, open-ended questions, and active listening, your team can uncover the incentives that enable patients to follow through on clinical guidance, while also identifying obstacles that hinder their progress. 

Top-down approaches to patient adherence simply don't work. Patients are in control of their decisions. Training in Motivational Interviewing helps you strengthen patients’ control, which ultimately leads to improved adherence and better outcomes for your practice.

Long-term care resident having a conversation with a nurse

Recent projects

Our work

Care Engagement

Improving patient outreach in response to missing a scheduled appointment across a network of pediatric clinics.

Behavioral Health Referrals

Improving clinical conversations on patient follow through on behavioral health visits.

Case Management

Integrating comprehensive case management consultation into specialty care.

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