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Motivational interviewing conversation between two people

Design for Adoption

Design sustainable changes to improve patient care.

Motivational Interviewing isn't just for patients. Your team needs to draw on their own intrinsic motivation to make sustainable changes to their work as well.

Motivational Interviewing should be a core part of your process for designing changes for successful implementation. Our training will help you start with a clear understanding of where and why your team members are ambivalent about change and then design with that in mind. You will be amazed by how much time and effort you save.

Health care teams trained in Motivational Interviewing know how to tailor interventions, boost staff engagement, and ensure more reliable implementation. That leads to changes that stick, improvements that patients can see, and a stronger culture of change within the team.

You are already working hard at change. Motivational Interviewing can help you work smarter.

Team member contributing ideas for changes to be made

Recent projects

Our work

Patient Safety

Reducing the rate of adverse events related to Covid-19 therapeutics in an inpatient health care facility.

Cultural Awareness

Improving staff awareness of and responsiveness to the needs and preferences of diverse communities of patients.


Improving the reliability of depression screening for patients in both specialty care and pediatric settings.

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