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Motivational interviewing conversation between two people

for Health

You need to make change more manageable—for your patients, your clients, your team, and yourself. ​ 

Motivational Interviewing provides a concrete and evidence-based set of skills to help others create sustainable change in their work and their lives.

Just released!
Vaccine Voices is a series of audio learning modules on applying Motivational Interviewing in long-term care settings. Produced by the IPRO QIN-QIO and MI for Health.

What we do

MI for Health provides accessible and skills-focused support to help teams master Motivational Interviewing.


Most change management teaches people how to think about change without teaching them how to help others make it. This is a recipe for disappointment.


Change doesn’t happen when you have a good idea. It happens when you guide others to change.


You don’t need another framework. You need the skills to support others in change and work with change resistance in real time. That’s where we come in



Our Motivational Interviewing training focus on core skills your team needs to improve conversations about change. 



Get skills-focused training in Motivational Interviewing that you can start applying today


Translate your Motivational Interviewing knowledge into habits and practices that work in your professional environment 


Develop training materials to help your audience make Motivational Interviewing part of their daily practice

Massachusetts-based organizations are eligible for FREE or DISCOUNTED MI for Health training courses.

Why MI?

We teach Motivational Interviewing because it works! It is evidence-based and highly adaptable.


More than 2,500 randomized clinical trials have confirmed that Motivational Interviewing helps to promote healthy behaviors, reduce problem behaviors, and address change resistance. It can improve outcomes for patients, clients, teams, and individuals when used appropriately.

Change is hard for all of us. Motivational Interviewing makes it easier. 


Client projects

Our work

Our clients are usually seeking to apply Motivational Interviewing in one or more of these areas:


Health Management

Supporting patients in making healthy decisions in their daily lives.

Learn more


Design for Adoption

Designing changes to improve patient care for reliable implementation.

Learn more


Staff Well-being

Providing team members with skills to help them avoid burnout.

Learn more


Patient Adherence

Identifying incentives and obstacles to patient follow through on clinical guidance.

Learn more


Change Resistance

Identifying and addressing change resistance within the care team. 

Learn more

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