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Change Resistance

Identify and address change resistance within your team.

Change isn't happening the way you thought it would. That's normal. It's time to start learning more about why.

Change resistance is not just an obstacle--it’s also a valuable resource that you are underusing. Motivational Interviewing training can change that by helping you discover underlying, and often unvoiced, motivations and concerns within your team. 

One size fits all approaches to managing change resistance don't work and waste your time. People resist change for many reasons. The next steps that you can take to address this resistance are very different, and the wrong next steps can harm engagement in the change process. Tailor your approach to managing change resistance and see the results, for your team and your patients.

Motivational Interviewing training will level up your change management capability. You will look back and wonder how you ever managed change without it.

Physician and nurse having a conversation between patient appointments

Recent projects

Our work

Cultural Sensitivity

Improving physician assistants' confidence in implementing changes to provide more culturally sensitive care.

Expanding Patient Engagement

Identifying and removing obstacles to the use of telehealth visits for a specialty care team.

Adopting Evidence-based Practices

Supporting long-term care facilities in addressing resistance to evidence-based practices to manage COVID-19.

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